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How do I change my medication?
How do I change my medication?

How to change medications or dosage

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Our healthcare practitioners here at Felix health will always ensure you are prescribed medications safely, ethically, and appropriately based on your submitted medical assessment. However, we understand that sometimes finding the treatment that works best for you may take time - so we've tried to make the process of changing medication as seamless as possible!

Changing medication does legally require a new prescription as your practitioner will need to both cancel the existing prescription as well as review a health assessment of yours in the context of a different drug or dose quantity. To do this you can request to change your medication from within the treatments page of your account.

Once on the treatments page, you can find the change medication request by selecting "View details" on the prescription you want to modify.

From here, you will find the option to update your treatment plan under the Manage drop-down section.

From there, you should see the option to select Change medication.

Once you select to change your medication, you will be prompted to start a follow-up visit. Here you can indicate the issues you've had with your previous prescription, and select a new medication you may be interested in.

After the follow-up visit, your licensed healthcare practitioner will review your answers and if the change is approved, we will send the prescription directly to our pharmacy partner and they will ship the medication to you, for free! You will then be charged and receive each refill, automatically, based on the schedule you chose, for the duration of your prescription.

If you have any questions about changing your medication or any difficulty locating this option, please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat or by emailing!

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