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Which Post Office was my package taken to?
Which Post Office was my package taken to?

How to know where to collect your package

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Schedules don't always align, but that's ok! If you aren't home to sign for your package when our courier partner attempts deliver, they will take your package to the most appropriate location, considering factors such as proximity, available space, and the range of services provided. These locations may vary with each delivery. Once your package is available for pickup at the designated location, the tracking details for your shipment will be updated to reflect this. You will then be able to view the pick-up location here if shipped by Canada Post and here if shipped by Purolator.

When the courrier makes delivery attempts, they typically leave a Delivery Notice Card on your doorstep. For those who receive mail at a community mailbox, apartment mailroom, or group mailbox, please inspect your compartment, as the card may have been placed there instead of at your door.

In the event of a delivery attempt today, there's a chance that the card couldn't be left at the time of the initial attempt. You can expect to receive it on the next business day along with your regular mail.

In the absence of the package slip or if you didn't receive one, you can still retrieve your package from the post office. Ensure you have a photo ID displaying the same address, along with the relevant tracking information.

If you have any issues collecting your package or need further assistance, you can always reach out to our support team via live chat for assistance!

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