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How do I change an answer in the quiz?
How do I change an answer in the quiz?

Help! I'm not pregnant, I know my blood pressure, etc.

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If you're stuck in the visit because you answered a question incorrectly, or needed to obtain information before returning, you can navigate backward using the back arrows on the Felix page to revisit previous answers and update your response.

The example below walks through the specific case of needing to update a blood pressure reading, but this also applies to updating pregnancy/breastfeeding status, selecting the correct province, and more!

On the top left of the Felix page, you should see a back arrow that allows you to navigate backward in the quiz to select a new response.

Note: the arrow is on the Felix page specifically, not your browser's back arrow.

From here, you'll be taken to the previous question, and you'll be able to update your response accordingly:

If you're having issues or cannot navigate backward in the quiz, you can always cancel your visit progress and start again from the beginning. You can cancel the progress on an incomplete visit from the Treatments tab of your Felix account, as shown below:

As always, Felix's Patient Support team can help via chat if you need further assistance!

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