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How do I upload a secondary insurance card?
How do I upload a secondary insurance card?

How to upload multiple insurance/benefits cards

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Have more than one insurance plan that will cover the cost of your meds? No problem! Our pharmacy can certainly take care of direct-billing both plans for your, to cut down your copay fee as much as possible!

While there is no "formal" place to upload a secondary card, you can upload both insurance cards as one photo from within your Felix Account!

To complete this, log in to your Felix account and navigate under the Billing tab.

From here, scroll down to where you see the option to upload new insurance info.

You will then be prompted to upload photos of the front and back of your insurance card, by either uploading them from your computer or photo library, or taking the photos live with your phone camera or webcam.

If you have multiple insurance cards to be billed you can use or take photos that contain both cards in one photo for each of the front and back sections, as shown below.

To ensure that your changes are saved to your profile, don't forget to click Change when you have finished uploading these photos!

If you have any trouble completing this or any further questions for our team, please feel free to reach out using our live chat or by emailing!

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