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Is Birth Control free with Felix in British Columbia?
Is Birth Control free with Felix in British Columbia?

Will my birth control be free in BC?

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Exciting news for Felix Birth Control users currently residing in British Columbia - the Government of B.C. announced that many oral contraceptives will be covered through B.C. PharmaCare as of April 1, 2023. What does this mean for you?

As of April 1, 2023, Felix will be billing PharmaCare directly for eligible birth control prescriptions out of our B.C. pharmacy location, Felix Pharmacy Inc. - West. To ensure you receive coverage, our pharmacy team asks that you have a photo of your PHN/BC Services card uploaded to your account. You can do so from within the Billing tab of your account under the Insurance section. We ask that you please upload photos of both the front and back of your card. Once uploaded, your PharmaCare coverage will be applied to all future fills.

Please note, not all methods of birth control are covered under this plan. Methods such as the ring (NuvaRing/Haloette) and the patch (the Evra patch) are not covered under the new plan. As well, some forms of oral contraceptives are not covered, and some receive only partial coverage. For further details on how coverage works and for a full list of covered and partially covered medications, we recommend checking out the B.C. PharmaCare website here.

What if my birth control is only eligible for partial coverage?

If your current medication is listed as "Partial benefit - Please talk to a pharmacist for a free generic option." and you are okay with switching to a generic bio-equivalent for your medication, please reach out to our customer support team via live chat or by emailing so we can communicate this to our pharmacy team.

What if my birth control isn't on the list?

If your current or desired medication isn't on the list here it likely is not covered under the PharmaCare plan. If you are interested in switching to another oral contraceptive that is covered, you can submit a free checkup visit from the Treatments tab of your account to speak with a Felix prescriber about alternative options that may be covered. For further details on how to submit a checkup visit, click here.

If you have any further questions about the PharmaCare program or your coverage eligibility please contact our support team via live chat or by emailing

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